Suction Connecting tube

Suction Connecting Tube

* Made of medical grade PVC
* CE, ISO certified
* Length of tube: Arbitrary

* Tube color: Light blue or Transparent available
* Connector: Four - Type for choice

* Yankauer handle: Crown tip, vented

* With or without Yankauer handle


* Sterilized (EO GAS)

* Specifications as below

1/4"(Inch) x 150cm

1/4"(Inch) x 180cm

1/4"(Inch) x 320cm

1/4"(Inch) x 360cm

3/16"(Inch) x 150cm

3/16"(Inch) x 180cm

3/16"(Inch) x 320cm

3/16"(Inch) x 360cm